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blank canvas

March 14, 2001

…anyone know anything about tattoo’ing? i*ve always known i want a tattoo, or several, but i also knew that the first one i was gonna get had to be a horse. horses are my life. but i also knew i didn*t want one of those cheesy, old-men cowboy horse tattoos. ick. so i was sitting in french class falling asleep yesterday, and i started doodling, and as soon as i was done, i knew that that was going to be my first tattoo. (see: the tribal horsehead in the upper-right hand corner of this page) so i went home, showed my father, he liked it. laider that night when i got home my mom asked how my sat class had gone and if i had learned anything. i told her i learned something, showed her the drawing, and said ‘that*s gonna be my first tattoo.’ much to my surprise, she +loved+ it, as and soon as i get cash, she*s taking me to go get the papers signed at new york adorned. i*m so excited about this, i can*t wait to get it done…

…so my question is–
how much pain am i gonna have to go through? 😉