i think i love you, will you pogo with me?

what a lovely day…
the weather was absolutely perfect, and, as always, there was a good show at abc no rio…
not too many kids showed up, being that leftover crack was playing on long island about 15 minutes from my house (everyone went to that show instead, grr), but it was that nice, relaxed feeling, where it*s just the usual crowd sitting in the backyard smoking pot and drinking ciders. and the sunshine… ah, perfect day.
so, first band up was mah friends band, Life of Riley (if you haven*t heard them already, you must do so. they are quite the amazing band.) they played a great set as always… “i think i love you, will you pogo with me?” next was this band teddy buchamp’s army but i was in the backyard during their set so i can*t comment. then.. harum scarum! =D they were sooo good. well, not surprising, since they are from portland. is it a rule or something that all bands from portland are incredible? for example; defiance, unamused, obliterated, statch & the rapes… and then was asstroland. need i say more? 😉
and the day kept getting even better. a bunch of us walked back up to st. marks, and since it was so gorgeous out, we walked to tompkins square park and just sat and in the twilight//night for about an hour and a half until chris and i had to go catch our trains. but, ah, i miss summer so much… i can*t wait till everyday is this beautiful.
and oh yeah, marina, i ❤ you!! hehe

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