meeting punk boys at ikea.

hah, what a great place to meet people. i neva woulda thought…
i was standing on the checkout line in the ikea warehouse today with my mother buying furniture, and she goes off to look at some obscure little thing that places like ikea tend to sell, and i see one of the worker-boys in front of me, get this, wearin a three row pyramid belt and sportin a mohawk. i was like ‘huh?!’ and he turns around and looks at me and says “ainsley” and turns back around. i*m left standing there thinking ‘who is this punk boy working in ikea who i have never seen before in my life but somehow he knows my name?’ then he walked out of the store.
so about 5 minutes laider, i was outside waiting for my mom to pull her car around so i could load the 700lbs of furniture (oh man, i was waitin for it to squish the roof like a friggen clowncar) and guess who comes walkin by? mystery-punk-boy. so he came over and we started talking and much to my relief i had never met him before (i had started to think that i was an absolute bitch for not remembering someone) and stuff and he was really nice an
d it made my day… you know, meeting random people in ikea. it*s all good
then i went home and proceeded to put together furniture and do lots of fun carpentry-stuff until midnight which made me feel quite “working class” considering i had the Business on. hah. i love carpentry. =)
…so, to rob from levittown, it was very nice to meet you today, and send ron my love. see ya soon ikea-boy…

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