dammit fred learn to drive

i*m so giggly right now. but it*s no surprise, i have the craziest adventures with da drunk girls.
j-nut and kim came over at like 1130 wit fred (frank) and uhh we went on a mission and a half to find cigarettes. for some reason it took us 45 minutes to find a store even though there is one 4 blocks from my house. we wound up like 3 towns away at a 711. word. then this car of like, weirdass kids pulled up, one went inside and his friends drove away without him (haha mad dick) and the kid walks out and looks all confused so we pulled up and was like ‘yo get in the car we*ll drive ya wherever’ (its like 1215 by then) and the kid acted all scared so we were trying to convince him to get in the car for like 5 minutes and his friends came back cause they realised they forgot him. they pulled into a parking space and fred was drivin j-nut*s car so we parked right behind them just to be stupid and see if they would hit our car when they backed out and ahaha the idiots did. i mean how can you not see a car with its headlights shining in your rearview when you back up?? man it was so funny. so they hit ou
r car and we were laughin like hell so we just drove off and then we went to the waffle house and i ate some guy*s waffle cause i had no money and i was really hungry we rode on the little kid carosel outside for a quarter. and now it*s 230am.
the end.

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