i live a charmed life

yeah. i do. it*s weird. whenever i want something, and i want it bad enough, it happens…
i*ve been wanting another piercing for a long time now. i haven*t gotten a new once since maybe october ’00. but i can*t afford to get one because i have to pay for my car. today my piercer called. he*s home from college and wanted to know if i wanted anything done for free because he needs portfolio work done… (this offer was also extended to my friends, so if any of you are gonna be around my house saturday… lmk). cool huh? =)
and then… i need money to pay for my car, because i can*t really afford anything with what i*ve got. i need about $1,000 more. so i was sitting in the dining room with my mother and outta nowhere, i decide to look where we keep the bills, because i wanted to check my bank account info. and outta nowhere, i find $700 worth of bonds in my name from when i was little that my father oddly enough “fogot” to tell me about (he was going to cash them himself and never tell him. i found this out when i confronted him. dick)
fuckin weird huh?

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