oh man i*m such a friggen emo kid in hiding…
i just got off the fone with mat. he*s my ex-ex-ex. (figure it out yourself…) he*s one of my absolute closest friends, and i love him. i really care about him and wish only the best for him… but… he*s made some really stupid choices in his life (so have i of course, but i realised that they were stupid and made changes) which have caused him some pretty severe consequences. and he still doesn*t realise what he*s doing…
his bestfriends, myself included, have all sat him down and tried to intervene. but he*s in denial and won*t change for anyone…
and i*m so scared… so scared for his future. because he*s sliding downhill at a blindingly fast pace. and i don*t want to go through losing yet +another+ one of my friends, be it to rehab, jail, even death…
i*ve tried to reach him for two years… and i can*t stand to watch him to this to himeself anymore… it*s just too painful. i*ve had to pretty much detatch myself from him… as crappy as that*s been. so tonight i figured ‘hey, it*s been over a month, maybe i sho
uld give him a call just to see how he*s doing…’ so i paged him and we just got off the fone and he hasn*t changed a bit… and i don*t know what to do… i*m so scared for him… and it hurts so much to see him like this.


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