and the clock ticks endlessly into the night…

yesterday was weird. really weird. i woke up at like 2pm which is really late for me because i couldn*t get to sleep the night before and just because i haven*t been to a show in ages (tryin to budget the cash…) i was like ah screw it i*ll go see kill your idols (they wound up cancelling. fuckers.) and go hang out with some kids. so i went to ground zero, and there weren*t too many people there. bom and k-dawg and the vs kids and then mat showed up and i got really sad. really, really sad and i was watchin life of riley ( i ❤ them) and even that didn*t help to lighten my mood so i went out back and did a little sumthin-sumthin to ease the pain and it helped and then i saw mat again and he was like “can i at least have a hug?” and of course i had to because i miss him so much and i almost started crying while he was holding me in his arms…
and then bill and aaron showed up and that made the day a little better cause aaron is crazy and he makes me laugh and bill understands so we just sat on the couch in the back for the entire show just bein jaded together and it was nice… cause i
miss bill… and because he*s leaving soon…
so they came back to my house after the show (bill&aaron) and spent the night. bill and i fell asleep together in my bed and it was nice… it was just such an incredibly comforting feeling to be with a person you care about and that you know cares deeply about you… i haven*t had that in so long…

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