i*m home… for once… this past week and a half has been a blur. and i finally found the time to sit and update. for most of you who don*t know, i*ve been having the boyfriend-type living with me for almost two weeks. he*s homeless now and on the run, so i*ve been supporting him. we*re doing really well, just since i got my liscence and all we*ve never been home. my father the asshole that he is has been getting really pissy lately so unfortunatly he couldn*t stay here tonight. i just got home from dropping him at a friend*s place where he is crashing for a day or two. and this is the first time we won*t be spending the night in eachother*s arms in a loonnnng time. and i*m NOT looking forward to it.
but tonight we went to friendly*s and got fuckin sick on huge amounts of ice cream and made a mess and had so much fun that even the little kids sitting at the table next to us looked jelous.
he*s still leaving, just staying for a while longer than planned because of some stuff that went down that wasn*t predicted. you know, bullshit.
he makes me so happy… and he*s leaving…
…and he said he loves me…


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