chaos punx oi. oi oi.

yep. show tonight. casualties, a global threat, violent society, the virus, and two other bands.
good deal.
i thought i wasn*t gonna have fun cause when i got there there was nobody there and it really sucked but eventually people showed up and i had a BLAST which is rare for me now-a-days (haha funny word) at shows. everyone played really good sets, and it was just all around wholesome (pft) fun. yeh.
then i was sittin in penn station with some friends and these kids walk by and i was like ‘heeey punk rock boy’ cause one of em was cute and hes like “hey i was on stage with you!” and we started talking. turns out we*ve been talking online for years cause he lives near me just we never can chill cause of conflicting schedules. and it was awesome.
…and we got in a water fight in the middle of penn station.
good times, good times…


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