the boy…

so i*m sitting here online at 1:09am talking to burnout myk*s mom nicki who is the most awesome mom ever, about her husband and stuff. cause i*m so insanely in love with my boy. and he*s leaving. and all i want to do is spend every waking minute with him, hell, every minute even when i*m asleep, making every moment count. she says that if it*s meant to be it*ll happen, and i know she*s right, i just have to live day-to-day and see what happens… he wants to stay now, and it*s because of me, and i feel horrible about that, because i know how badly he wants to leave, and i don*t want to be the reason he doesn*t go. but i love him so much. and i can*t even begin to think what it*ll be like without him. he*s my everything. i have more fun with him than anyone i*ve ever met in my life. even when we*re not doing anything at all. and it*s not perfect. we fight. we argue all the time. but i love him… and he loves me… and i don*t know what the fuck to do anymore…

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