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i just farted a really good smelly fart. aww yeah.

July 31, 2001

i finally got to spend time with him like i wanted. i spent the whole weekend at aaron*s fucking getting bitched out by that dick paul daley and crying in the corner becuase i have three months worth or pms building up and i just wanted to spend time with bill just me and bill and all i got was three days of me and bill and like 8billion other people. shitty.
but he stayed here yesterday night… and he*s out sleeping in my car now… we stayed up and cuddled and had really good sex and watched sid and nancy and fell asleep in my bed together and it was just good. no other word to describe it.
i*m just so glad he*s back… and thank you to everyone who*s been leaving the nice little comments in my journal. i appreciate the niceness. you guys make me feel all warm-fuzzy like and loved.
and damn i had something else to say but i don*t remember what it was. probably more emo-ness about how great bill makes me feel and how incredibly in love with him i am.
oh yeah, he made me a heart out of an old rusted bike chain while he was in arkansas and brought it back for me. if that isn*t punk rock love, i don*t know what is…


and he*s home…

July 27, 2001

i*m at aaron*s right now… everyone*s on the couch drinkin and chillin… bill got home this morning…
i woke up at 630am becuase i just couldn*t sleep because i knew that he*d be home today… and i got ready for work and was just about to leave when there was a knock on my door… and when i answered it, all i saw was atom and paul and aaron. aaron said to me “we couldn*t find bill, we waited at port authority and he never showed up.” my heart skipped a beat. the next thing i know, bill jumps out from behind the door. i nearly had a heart attack, and consequently covered him in kisses… i missed him so much… my heart was racing and i just couldn*t stop smiling. but why would i want to when the love of my life was finally back with me, in the physical? eventually, i had to leave to go to work… a day has never dragged on so slowly as today did when i knew that i had six+ hours to wait before i could see him again.
so now i*m at aaron*s. we*re having a kinda “welcome-home” party. beer, friends, cigarettes, all the good stuff. bill*s upstairs right now, and i*m just sittin
here babbling… i*m kinda drunk, not really though, only buzzed… i have to pee really bad. there*s something about aaron*s house that makes me always have to pee. whenever i*m here i pee sooo much. it*s odd. but whatever. bill*s back. that*s all that matters.
i*m gonna go pee.

6 more hours.

July 27, 2001

bill*s bus gets in at 710am. it*s 1am. 6 more hours till he*s back… atom and aaron are driving into the city to pick him up then they*re coming straight here.
i am so not gonna be able to get to sleep tonight.


July 26, 2001

i just got home from the barn.
i went to watch my friend amelia*s lesson and give my opinion on her jumping cause she asked me too.
and i got pictures of my Motown developed.
they*re really recent. haha. from yesterday.
go look…
click +pics+ then go to ‘me and my horse, motown’
and there are like 9 pics of us. he*s so pritty…

back home.

July 25, 2001

so the subject of this entry is two fold…
first, bill will be home friday night. i can*t wait. it*s like, i don*t know, knowing you*re going to get the best present ever, and having to wait for it..
and second, i went back to lakeside today to ride my horse. i haven*t been there all summer and so i went down to ride mo today. i guess word got out that i was coming because as soon as i walked in, all my friends who work there literally jumped on me and were like “yer back!!” it was really nice… i missed them all so much… so we went out riding, i missed motown so much…. and then after we all just kinda hung out and watched the horses play in turn out. i feel bad though, because this guy ed who has been leasing mo doesn*t know how to ride and consequently fucked up all his training… that horse is incredible, and i got on today and he was just like a regular hack. but i worked my ass off and he*s a little bit better now, but i know it*s not gonna last… oh well… at least i got to spend time with him.

i*m sick of scanning photos.

July 24, 2001

i just scanned about 200 pictures to post on my website. ack.
so today actually wasn*t that bad. after i got off from work kevin came over then we went to hang out with fred (this awesome guy that i work with) and we went to the mall to play with toys and puppies and to make fun of the stupid mall girls and to get free food at the food places. it was just like, i don*t know, kinda dumb, but silly and fun. so then kevin hadda go home so i drove him back and me and fred went back to his place to chill and talk about boys and haha i painted my nails with the worlds most ridiculously sparkly nail polish and it looks like i have the hands of a drag queen.
as for bill, he will be here in 69 hours and counting… =D

she sighs… content with her world.

July 23, 2001

so last night was great. and why wouldn*t it be? billy*s coming home… all is right with the world. oh yeah, and i got to see the lower class brats. meh.
so i went to cbgb*s, met up with aaron at penn station, told him the good news, then we went on down to the show. suprisingly it wasn*t packed too badly and whatnot. the first couple bands were absolutely horrible. fucking painful to listen to. but then LCB went on and man it was amazing. sooo many skinheads were there, and not one fight. always a plus. they played a dissapointingly short set, but, still managed to throw in all their best songs… and damn, they were funny. not just because they were from texas (that itself is funny enough i know) but like, just, well, the singer was really quite amusing. then the unseen played, they headlined… weird… and the played a really good set. like always. fun times, fun times… i got some really good pictures, and i think i*m gonna actually go scan all of my pictures now for my website so that i can do something because i*m bored… so, go check them out here:
anyways… today was kinda cool too, work was fun, me and fred are gettin to be good friends. he*s this guy i work with, he*s awesome, all we do is talk about how much our boyfriends make us cry. so after i went to south hempstead to chill with chris ara cause i hadn*t seen him in a while and we did nothing except smoke cigarettes (haha yeah i quit… pft… whatever) and sniff glue. seriously. we were +that+ bored that we sat in his room for two hours with a thing of pvc cement. then he decided that i should give him a driving lesson since he*s never ever driven before. needless to say, a fun afternoon… and then when i got back to my town i ran into kevin and eddie and joe and john and ann-marie and all them so that was kinda nice. and now i am home.
tomorrow i*m going to buy bill his bus ticket so he can come back… he*ll be home by friday…


July 23, 2001

i am the happiest girl alive.
i am smiling so much that my face hurts, and i love it.

supportin’ his ass like a white trash couple on ricki lake

July 22, 2001

haha i just bought bill pants. on ebay. cause he doesn*t have any and i can*t afford new ones. we*re so gonna wind up on a talk show one day…
i just spoke to bill. as usual. i*m calling him back in a bit, sophia was waiting for a call so he couldn*t talk long. he says he*s got these crazy weird bug bites or something and that he*s feeling kinda blue. and well, i mentioned that if he wanted to come back up, i would pay for his bus ticket… and he actually said maybe. not yes i*ll come back but only for a week, not no i can*t, but, maybe… he*s considering it… and i*m the happiest girl in the world. because whenever i*m with him, whenever i speak to him, whenever i even think of him, i just feel, well, i can*t explain it, but i feel complete, like i*ve found a part of myself that had been missing my whole life, that i never even knew existed until i found him… ::insert emo sigh here::

billy billy bo billy banana fanan fo filly me mi mo milly. billay!

July 21, 2001

god i*m fucking bored. i have to wait almost an hour before i can call him because he told me to call back laider. so, i*m waiting. ack. and i got nothing to do except sit here on livejournal which isn*t really different from what i do anyway. meh… and aaron just got offline. bastard. he wants me to drum for his band (the scamps) and i*ve never even played drums for more than 5 minutes in my entire life and even then i sucked i was just hitting them trying to annoy bill. it worked though. oh well. that should be fun. speaking of bill, i got a letter from him today, and a really sweet livejournal entry (biiiiiill) and i duno, i just miss him so much i can*t wait for him to come back to visit. i stole this little cheesy-ass picture frame from work that goes in yer car it like attaches to the air conditioner vent, it*s something old people would buy, but i put it in my car with a picture of bill and, uh, yeah. i*m rambling. so i think i*m gonna go read for a while then give billy bitch a cal
l. he*s gonna read this. so, a word or two for him before i call it quits for the night…
hey angel, how are you feeling? do me a favour and never drink that crap again that ian bought you tonight. cause you worry me. and i don*t want you gettin all mean from really high proof stuff and gettin into a fight and gettin all dead cause that would suck and i*d cry a lot. okay? i miss you and i love you and i*m gonna call you in a minute or two so i*m just not gonna bother writing what i have to say cause you*re only gonna hear it from me later. i*m gonna send you a letter in a couple days. and some pictures maybe. and whatever else i manage to scrounge up. and i*ll try to get you an inhaler from work… i love you…