the clap. twice in one day. rainbows.

the boy spent the night last night. we spent it cuddled in eachother*s arms, waking up every hour to turn on//off the air conditioner. heh. then we finally crawled outta bed, had some great good-morning sex, and took showers. then we went to ground zero to see the clap cause we were bored and this stupid band called like high school football heros or something was playing and they were all dressed in like jerseys and crap and were reeeeally bad and i couldn*t help but feel sorry for them. but the clap was awesome. like always. then we got rrealllly bored and i drove out to nesconset (east long island) to go see the clap againe cause they*re such nice guys and to check out this new venue out there. the show there was really great, thankfully. the guys who were running the show, even the big scary bouncer-ish people were awesome. everyone was laughing and smiling and drinking beer and having a good time and the atmosphere of that place was just fucking awesome.
the whole day it had been stormy and raining and thundering and lightninging and stuff… so when we were leaving the show in nesconset, this huuuuuge double rainbo
w came out. it was stunning. so i of course, being the closet-case emo-girl that i am, took pictures. meh.
then i drove my friend jay home to west islip, and me and the boy tried to navigate back to my house. we wound up going south instead of north on the robert moses parkway, and ended up somewhere in fucking fire island. sooooo lost. eventually we got back to the the southern state and then we went out to dinner…
so, all in all, today turned out to be not so bad.
now all i hafta worry about is i have work tomorrow and i know there*s no way in hell i*m gonna wake up… hahah my second day and i know i*m gonna be late. fuck.

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