billy billy bo billy banana fanan fo filly me mi mo milly. billay!

god i*m fucking bored. i have to wait almost an hour before i can call him because he told me to call back laider. so, i*m waiting. ack. and i got nothing to do except sit here on livejournal which isn*t really different from what i do anyway. meh… and aaron just got offline. bastard. he wants me to drum for his band (the scamps) and i*ve never even played drums for more than 5 minutes in my entire life and even then i sucked i was just hitting them trying to annoy bill. it worked though. oh well. that should be fun. speaking of bill, i got a letter from him today, and a really sweet livejournal entry (biiiiiill) and i duno, i just miss him so much i can*t wait for him to come back to visit. i stole this little cheesy-ass picture frame from work that goes in yer car it like attaches to the air conditioner vent, it*s something old people would buy, but i put it in my car with a picture of bill and, uh, yeah. i*m rambling. so i think i*m gonna go read for a while then give billy bitch a cal
l. he*s gonna read this. so, a word or two for him before i call it quits for the night…
hey angel, how are you feeling? do me a favour and never drink that crap again that ian bought you tonight. cause you worry me. and i don*t want you gettin all mean from really high proof stuff and gettin into a fight and gettin all dead cause that would suck and i*d cry a lot. okay? i miss you and i love you and i*m gonna call you in a minute or two so i*m just not gonna bother writing what i have to say cause you*re only gonna hear it from me later. i*m gonna send you a letter in a couple days. and some pictures maybe. and whatever else i manage to scrounge up. and i*ll try to get you an inhaler from work… i love you…

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