supportin’ his ass like a white trash couple on ricki lake

haha i just bought bill pants. on ebay. cause he doesn*t have any and i can*t afford new ones. we*re so gonna wind up on a talk show one day…
i just spoke to bill. as usual. i*m calling him back in a bit, sophia was waiting for a call so he couldn*t talk long. he says he*s got these crazy weird bug bites or something and that he*s feeling kinda blue. and well, i mentioned that if he wanted to come back up, i would pay for his bus ticket… and he actually said maybe. not yes i*ll come back but only for a week, not no i can*t, but, maybe… he*s considering it… and i*m the happiest girl in the world. because whenever i*m with him, whenever i speak to him, whenever i even think of him, i just feel, well, i can*t explain it, but i feel complete, like i*ve found a part of myself that had been missing my whole life, that i never even knew existed until i found him… ::insert emo sigh here::

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