she sighs… content with her world.

so last night was great. and why wouldn*t it be? billy*s coming home… all is right with the world. oh yeah, and i got to see the lower class brats. meh.
so i went to cbgb*s, met up with aaron at penn station, told him the good news, then we went on down to the show. suprisingly it wasn*t packed too badly and whatnot. the first couple bands were absolutely horrible. fucking painful to listen to. but then LCB went on and man it was amazing. sooo many skinheads were there, and not one fight. always a plus. they played a dissapointingly short set, but, still managed to throw in all their best songs… and damn, they were funny. not just because they were from texas (that itself is funny enough i know) but like, just, well, the singer was really quite amusing. then the unseen played, they headlined… weird… and the played a really good set. like always. fun times, fun times… i got some really good pictures, and i think i*m gonna actually go scan all of my pictures now for my website so that i can do something because i*m bored… so, go check them out here:
anyways… today was kinda cool too, work was fun, me and fred are gettin to be good friends. he*s this guy i work with, he*s awesome, all we do is talk about how much our boyfriends make us cry. so after i went to south hempstead to chill with chris ara cause i hadn*t seen him in a while and we did nothing except smoke cigarettes (haha yeah i quit… pft… whatever) and sniff glue. seriously. we were +that+ bored that we sat in his room for two hours with a thing of pvc cement. then he decided that i should give him a driving lesson since he*s never ever driven before. needless to say, a fun afternoon… and then when i got back to my town i ran into kevin and eddie and joe and john and ann-marie and all them so that was kinda nice. and now i am home.
tomorrow i*m going to buy bill his bus ticket so he can come back… he*ll be home by friday…

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