back home.

so the subject of this entry is two fold…
first, bill will be home friday night. i can*t wait. it*s like, i don*t know, knowing you*re going to get the best present ever, and having to wait for it..
and second, i went back to lakeside today to ride my horse. i haven*t been there all summer and so i went down to ride mo today. i guess word got out that i was coming because as soon as i walked in, all my friends who work there literally jumped on me and were like “yer back!!” it was really nice… i missed them all so much… so we went out riding, i missed motown so much…. and then after we all just kinda hung out and watched the horses play in turn out. i feel bad though, because this guy ed who has been leasing mo doesn*t know how to ride and consequently fucked up all his training… that horse is incredible, and i got on today and he was just like a regular hack. but i worked my ass off and he*s a little bit better now, but i know it*s not gonna last… oh well… at least i got to spend time with him.

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