and he*s home…

i*m at aaron*s right now… everyone*s on the couch drinkin and chillin… bill got home this morning…
i woke up at 630am becuase i just couldn*t sleep because i knew that he*d be home today… and i got ready for work and was just about to leave when there was a knock on my door… and when i answered it, all i saw was atom and paul and aaron. aaron said to me “we couldn*t find bill, we waited at port authority and he never showed up.” my heart skipped a beat. the next thing i know, bill jumps out from behind the door. i nearly had a heart attack, and consequently covered him in kisses… i missed him so much… my heart was racing and i just couldn*t stop smiling. but why would i want to when the love of my life was finally back with me, in the physical? eventually, i had to leave to go to work… a day has never dragged on so slowly as today did when i knew that i had six+ hours to wait before i could see him again.
so now i*m at aaron*s. we*re having a kinda “welcome-home” party. beer, friends, cigarettes, all the good stuff. bill*s upstairs right now, and i*m just sittin
here babbling… i*m kinda drunk, not really though, only buzzed… i have to pee really bad. there*s something about aaron*s house that makes me always have to pee. whenever i*m here i pee sooo much. it*s odd. but whatever. bill*s back. that*s all that matters.
i*m gonna go pee.

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