i just farted a really good smelly fart. aww yeah.

i finally got to spend time with him like i wanted. i spent the whole weekend at aaron*s fucking getting bitched out by that dick paul daley and crying in the corner becuase i have three months worth or pms building up and i just wanted to spend time with bill just me and bill and all i got was three days of me and bill and like 8billion other people. shitty.
but he stayed here yesterday night… and he*s out sleeping in my car now… we stayed up and cuddled and had really good sex and watched sid and nancy and fell asleep in my bed together and it was just good. no other word to describe it.
i*m just so glad he*s back… and thank you to everyone who*s been leaving the nice little comments in my journal. i appreciate the niceness. you guys make me feel all warm-fuzzy like and loved.
and damn i had something else to say but i don*t remember what it was. probably more emo-ness about how great bill makes me feel and how incredibly in love with him i am.
oh yeah, he made me a heart out of an old rusted bike chain while he was in arkansas and brought it back for me. if that isn*t punk rock love, i don*t know what is…

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