and it all comes crashing down… kinda

bill stayed here again last night… after my father said he couldn*t…. but there was no where else for him to go, and it was raining, and i didn*t want to throw him out onto the street… so instead, i slept in my mom*s room because there was a spider in my room and i am the worlds biggest wuss when it comes to bugs, especially spiders… anyways, i let him stay in my room, and i set everything up so it would look like there was no one there… but at 6am i woke up to my father screaming about bill being here… woops… i don*t know how he found out, but he is pisssssssed to say the least… and it was my fault. but i don*t fucking care, because he got a good night*s sleep and didn*t have to sleep out in the fucking rain, so all in all, it was well worth the screaming-at i*m going to get as soon as i come home when my father is awake (i*m just avoiding him for now)

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