team penning and horses that are scared of cows

so i*m at aaron*s right now…
last night my mother, bill and i took a drive up to this barn i used to work//ride at years ago because they were having a team penning. basically, what that is is a bunch of cows in a ring with numbers on them, and the point of it is to get yer horse to be able to get only certain numbered cows out of the herd and into a small pen acros the ring… all in about 30 seconds. it*s really hard. so mom*s friend lia brought a horse for me to ride. he was this really nice quarter horse that she wanted to sell and i got to rid him in a the penning… i*d never done team penning before since i ride english but i watch it all the time… anyways, i rode the horse around for a while geting used to the feel of him, and he bucked sooo much. i later found out he hadn*t been ridden in over amonth. that makes horses go nuts when you ride them because they have so much stored energy. anyways, at around midnight it was my mothers, lia*s and my turn for our team to pen… i*d never done it before and was kinda apprehensive about looking like an idiot, but whatever… i was to run into the herd first an
d pick out the cattle we were looking for… so we start, my horse runs at break-neck speed across the ring, just like he*s supposed to, and as soon as we get near the cows, he stops and refuses to go… so what happened?
the horse was fucking afraid of the cows.
but hey, it was a fun experience…
oh and i got bill to ride… he sat on the horse while i walked it around, kinda like a pony ride… he was really scared but i*m so pround of him…
it was just a fun night… i wanna pen again, but on a horse that*s not afriad of cattle.. ack.

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