ugh. long pointless trip.

so me and bill had plans today. he was supposed to be at aaron*s and i was going to drive there after rush hour so we could hang out for a little cause i haven*t seen him since sunday.
i decided to not call him before i left, and to leave at 4pm right after i got off work instead of 630 like usual to surprise him.
he decided to stay in rosedale last night (literally two towns from me) and didn*t call me till about 5pm because he didn*t think i had left yet.
i drove to aaron*s. two hours in rush hour. i was 10 minutes from his house and my cell phone rang and it was bill telling me he was near my house. i told him i had planned on surprising him. i had to drive another hour back to my house. all for nothing. three hours…. for fucking nothing…
when i got home, i hadda go pick him and aaron up and we hung out for like an hour before i hadda drive them to the bus station to go to ali*s house cause she*s coming home from california tonight and aaron wanted to see her.
basically, lack of communication and not calling people fucking sucks. i*m not mad at bill, i*
m not mad at myself, it was just a shitty misunderstanding and now i*m fucking tired and i drove like 3 1/2 hours for no reason and didn*t even get to see him for that long. oh well. even though it wasn*t much, every little bit counts, and i*ll see him friday… i just needed to vent a little.

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