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August 20, 2001

i*m updating just for the sake of updating… drove bill to aaron*s today… aaron*s really upset about him and ali and i feel so horrible that there is nothing i can do to take that pain away from him… i don*t know if i*m gonna see bill till prolly this weekend and it*s driving me crazy knowing that i might have to wait that long to see him… i don*t know, i*m a fucking weirdo. all i can think about is how much i love him and i miss snuggling with him even though it was only about two hours ago that i last saw him. call me fucking pathetic.

most emo shoes ever.

August 20, 2001

i took bill shoe shopping with me saterday cause i hadda buy new kicks for school and i didn*t a decent pair of sneakers so i went and i bought pink and white puma*s and i came home and put my sparkly nail polish on them and they are just horribly emo.

a little rant…

August 19, 2001

so i*m driving home from aaron*s today with bill, and basically at the same place on the southern state as the accident friday, some fucking asshole almost ran me off the road. doing about 70 in the right lane, and out of no where, this beamer pulls right into my lane literally missing my front bumper by about three inches.. i braked and slammed on my horn and he kept going… i fucking hate people. because if anything had happened to bill, i woulda killed myself… i would definitly not be able to deal with the fact that something had happened to him while i was driving… so thank god we were okay. it*s just scary thinking of his life, and mine, in my hands… i would never do anything to hurt him, and even if it was an accident, i don*t think i could stand that pain. i guess i*m just thankful nothing happened. people should fucking learn to drive before they get in their fast fancy cars. bah.


August 19, 2001

i just ate an entire box full of easy mac and now i feel like i*m gonna burst.

August 19, 2001

bill*s trying to make me guess why they put salt on pretzels and i can*t figure it out other than to make them taste good… anyone know??

worst car accident ever

August 19, 2001

so i was driving home from the penning friday night at about 1am with my mom in the backseat and bill up front with me… we were on the southern state parkway doing about 65 when this car comes speeding like hell and was weaving through traffic, doin prolly 100 or so… well, about a mile up, traffic came to a dead halt… there was that car, smashed up in the middle of the road, and a body lying in the middle of the parkway… there were cop cars and ambulences all around. we were literally two cars behind the accident. there were car parts all over the place, and a guy lying in a pool of blood.we sat there, in park, for probably about half an hour… you could literally see the body on the ground. it was the creepiest thing i*d ever seen. then, out of no where, they landed a helicopter in the middle of the southern state and air lifted the driver out of there… there was also a passenger… a cop who came over to my car said that the driver was dead… that was the guy lying on the pavement… i think that that was one of the creepiest things i*ve ever seen….

team penning and horses that are scared of cows

August 18, 2001

so i*m at aaron*s right now…
last night my mother, bill and i took a drive up to this barn i used to work//ride at years ago because they were having a team penning. basically, what that is is a bunch of cows in a ring with numbers on them, and the point of it is to get yer horse to be able to get only certain numbered cows out of the herd and into a small pen acros the ring… all in about 30 seconds. it*s really hard. so mom*s friend lia brought a horse for me to ride. he was this really nice quarter horse that she wanted to sell and i got to rid him in a the penning… i*d never done team penning before since i ride english but i watch it all the time… anyways, i rode the horse around for a while geting used to the feel of him, and he bucked sooo much. i later found out he hadn*t been ridden in over amonth. that makes horses go nuts when you ride them because they have so much stored energy. anyways, at around midnight it was my mothers, lia*s and my turn for our team to pen… i*d never done it before and was kinda apprehensive about looking like an idiot, but whatever… i was to run into the herd first an
d pick out the cattle we were looking for… so we start, my horse runs at break-neck speed across the ring, just like he*s supposed to, and as soon as we get near the cows, he stops and refuses to go… so what happened?
the horse was fucking afraid of the cows.
but hey, it was a fun experience…
oh and i got bill to ride… he sat on the horse while i walked it around, kinda like a pony ride… he was really scared but i*m so pround of him…
it was just a fun night… i wanna pen again, but on a horse that*s not afriad of cattle.. ack.

he picked me flowers. well, he tried…

August 16, 2001

so we went to this little carnival//street fair type thing in valley stream tonight. it sucked, so we left, but the thought was sweet… and while we were walking back to my car, we passed the most beautiful bush of flowers… and i saw this really pritty one, and without even saying a word or any hint at all, he went over and picked the exact same one i had been glancing at… but it took him about 10 minutes cause the branch was really strong. he*s so incredibly cute. then we sat in my car and played war (the card game) for 10 minutes and i kicked his ass cause i have this awesome skill where i can roll dice or draw a card and have it come up whatever number i want. consequently i +always+ win.
damn we*re such emo fucks.

ren your brother is cooler than you.

August 13, 2001

if you*re gonna be such an immature dork and go around telling people you hate me only because i hate you, then you need to just fucking stop. the only reason i don*t like you is because you judge people without reason, and make false accusations without getting to know someone… that*s fucking dumb. so if you*re going to continue to talk shit about me like you*ve done for the past three or so years, just whatever, at least if yer gonna be a dick do it to my face, and for god*s sake get a life and stop reading my fucking livejournal if you claim to detest me as you do.

and it all comes crashing down… kinda

August 13, 2001

bill stayed here again last night… after my father said he couldn*t…. but there was no where else for him to go, and it was raining, and i didn*t want to throw him out onto the street… so instead, i slept in my mom*s room because there was a spider in my room and i am the worlds biggest wuss when it comes to bugs, especially spiders… anyways, i let him stay in my room, and i set everything up so it would look like there was no one there… but at 6am i woke up to my father screaming about bill being here… woops… i don*t know how he found out, but he is pisssssssed to say the least… and it was my fault. but i don*t fucking care, because he got a good night*s sleep and didn*t have to sleep out in the fucking rain, so all in all, it was well worth the screaming-at i*m going to get as soon as i come home when my father is awake (i*m just avoiding him for now)