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woo im a nerd.

September 29, 2001

okay so everyone lets point and laugh at ainsley becuase i am a computer fucking nerd and a half. story time!
so im sitting in web design class and doing really easy html shit just so i can fix up my skills cause everything i do is self taught… and like i*m just fucking breezing through the course and the teacher who is aweome asked me if i wanted to do an independant study for COLD FUSION. anyone who knows about web design will know what that is and basically since my school doesn*t offer that course and starting salary for people who are coldfusion certified is 75k a year, it was quite the honor… so i*m happy… and i duno. i*m a fucking nerd, cause only nerds would be excited about learning a new computer language. blah.


…she smiles.

September 27, 2001

bill came over last night. he took the train here at like 11 o’clock and he*s staying until saturday but then i*m going with him to his house and staying until sunday so i get to see him till sunday and i*m just so incredibly happy it*s like my life is fucking perfect or something and i duno. i was so happy to see him last night when he got off the train it was like i hadn*t seen him in 20 years. but it had only been two days. it*s just so good to hug him and feel him there next to me… and he*s really pritty. but i keep saying this stuff over and over and OMG he just walked in wearing a towel and a shower cap!! ahh so cute!!

he got me a pony.

September 27, 2001

wow i am on cloud frickin 9 right now. billy came over last night
which i said but he took me out to breakfast this morning. we went to
the diner and as we walked in there was one of those machines with that
claw that you win stuffed animals out of but are IMPOSSIBLE to win. and
there was a pony. and i said i want the pony so he took out a dollar and
tried twice and lost. he took out another dollar and lost twice more. so
we both decided to forget it and go eat. when we were leaving he walks
past the machine, stops, and puts his last fifty cents in. i so didn*t
think he*d win and the claw goes down and it gets the pony and it drops
a leg and he walks away thinking he*s lost and i keep looking and to my
absolute amazement it picked it up and he won me the pony! i have NEVER
seen anyone win on one of those machines but he did. and he won me a
pony. it was so exciting (i*m serious here…) i was//am sooooo happy.
then we went to utopia and i have been looking for a leather jacket
forever but because i*m so tiny i can never find one that fits me and
they had a bunch of new jackets in so i tried one on and omg it fit and
i was deciding whether or not i should buy it and so i ask this kid what
he thinks and he goes “well, it*s a dead animal…” and i*m like ‘yeah i
know but it*s allready dead. too late. nothing i can do now…’ and he*s
like “yeah in that case it looks awesome you should definitly buy it!”
woo. so i did. and i*m the happiest girl alive +ever+.
i ❤ bill.

doing my part

September 24, 2001

i got over my worst fear today (besides my fear of spiders//bugs) and i dontated a pint of blood. the needle was huge and the nurse put it in too deep so i felt it stab my vein every time my heart beat but it was worth it cause i know i*m gonna help someone. plus i got a free pen. heh.


September 23, 2001

me and bill being cheesy at the mall.
true love. how cute are those eyes of his??

zim zimma.

September 23, 2001

so i got my windshield nozzle lights in the mail, still waiting on the indiglo racing pedals… and now… to fucking top it all off, yes ladies and gentlemen i have bought an underbody kit.
i know. laugh as much as you want. i am fucking pathetic. but i don*t care.
this is what i will have as of two weeks…


September 23, 2001

i don*t know where he found it since it is the middle of friggen september but billy found the only dandelion in probably the whole usa and picked it for me today. he*s amazing. uhh what else. he gave me a hicky on my shoulder so i gave him one on his manboob. i just got back from his place. i*m so content right now because i love being with him so much. but that*s already a well known fact. i gotta go take a shit.

sooo romantic

September 22, 2001

he is sooo perfect…
i drove out to bill*s right after school today. that*s where i am now. anyways. so i get to his house and his mom cooked dinner for us and he told me he had a surprise for me and i couldn*t possibly begin to imagine what it was… so he drove me to play pool which was soooo nice even though that wasn*t the surprise. haha we both sucked so much it took us literally half an hour to sink one ball. lol. anyways. we played for an hour and a half or so and then he took me to the “surprise” but we detoured along the way to take a romantic moonlight walk along the pier… it was so incredibly beautiful. just like him. so we hung out there for a while just enjoying the night and enjoying being with eachother and he picked me some flowers which i am drying right now so i can keep them forever. then on the way to the surprise again i stopped to put gas in my car which he insisted on driving and i bought him a rose from the gas station convenience center hahah he loved it though. and i*m glad it made him happy. he put it in a snapple bottle makeshift vase along with the dandelion lollipops i bought hi
m. anyway, back to the surprise. he took me to friendly*s cause we always go there and we split this ridiculously large ice cream sunday thing and basically the point of this whole post is I LOVE BILL SO MUCH!!!!!!!

goin my way?

September 19, 2001

so i*m driving home from billy*s doing 70 on sunrise highway and i see this chill firebird a couple cars up, so i pull up next to it and a little in front, and i glace over, and it*s my fucking friend manny who i*ve known since i was 6 and is like a brother to me. so i slowed down so the cars would be running side to side and he looked over and i was like MANNY!!!! and i lowered my music and he*s like hey!! and i*m like dude nice car and stuff and it was so fucking weird to be doing 70 and look over and see someone you*ve known 11 years and then like to have a conversation with that person. i duno. i found it fuckin funny as hell… outta the billions of people driving, i pull up next to someone i*ve known practically my whole life, and 40 miles from home at that. lol.


September 19, 2001

so it was bill*s birthday today… he*s so pritty.
anyways, now that he*s got his presents i can say what i bought him…
i got him the gg allin tshirt he*s wanted forever
a new red bandana since he gave me his old one
a cactus from the home depot.
a stuffed bug with heart antennae (“love bug”)
a gg allin pin
a punk rock. literally.
some dandelion shaped lollypops
my mom got him a sketchbook & pencils
a birfday cake
8 rolls of film
beeswax and a taper.
i love my boy.
all i want is to see him smile…