letter from bill.

i woke up this morning to find the letter bill wrote me from hope for youth sitting on my dining room table… the letter is as follows:
Fri 9-07-01
Hey Love,
hey babe. how are you? im ok. I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!! i dont know. this place is ok. tonite is my second nite here, and its 10:30pm. they usually make us go to bed at 9:00, but its friday night so…
i dont know. i have court on the 12th (thats wedensday i think). im just upset i cant have any other contact other than mail. hell you may get this and ill be home, but i need something to pass the time. i have a countdown set up. i got a new package of socks and every dya i change them, so it shows how many nights i have left. 5 including tonight. but i dont know .i get up at 8:00am! can you believe it???! i dont know… i have a picture of you (my mom gave me the one we gave her cause i dont wanna ruin mine) the little red poo-chi, your pants, and the toothbrush that you got me. all i think about is you. you’re whats getting me through this. i NEED you to write to me. i dont have anything else to do anyhow. i
get up, eat breakfast, go to class (its a bullshit class), eat lunch, go to class, sit around, then dinner, chores, and sitting around again, then sleep.
i think about you every 2 minutes babydoll. im just doing everything right so i can come home. but id rather think of it as the next time im gonna see you. not too long. not too long. well, im showering twice a day (hahahah :D) i never that id say that. I MISS YOU!! billy <3’s ainsley.
i had to sneak this pen cause all they gave me was a pencil and i hate pencils.
i dont know. its non-secure detention, really just a scheduled day in a house i can’t leave. but as soon as i get out we’re going out on a date. and my mom is being nice FINALLY! i dont know. i hope this all works out. the judge told me he would let me go home wednesday if he got a good report from this place and ill probably have a lot of hours of community service, but… i’ll do it. i just want to have my life you with.
i guess tell your mom that i went to a teen house place. i dont know i just dont want her to hate me. we’ll tell her one day.
all i care about is seeing, hearing, and feeling you again. and i want a cigarette… bastards dont let me smoke… haha… thats what i get though
baby baby baby. i look at the dog and i get all teary-eyes cause i miss you. i wanna cry. but it’ll all be over in 4 pairs of socks. 🙂
ive been reading and watching b.e.t. cause all the kids here are all thugged-out, except fer george, but im gonna see you soon. write me soon. god. I LOVE YOU tell aaron ill talk to him when i get out. johnny too.
your boy,
billy beer
dandelion ains… (he drew a picture of a dandelion too. anyone who read Smack will know what that means)
so of course after readin this all i wanted to do is cry because he makes me so happy and i love him so much and all i want is to never be away from him again…

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