goin my way?

so i*m driving home from billy*s doing 70 on sunrise highway and i see this chill firebird a couple cars up, so i pull up next to it and a little in front, and i glace over, and it*s my fucking friend manny who i*ve known since i was 6 and is like a brother to me. so i slowed down so the cars would be running side to side and he looked over and i was like MANNY!!!! and i lowered my music and he*s like hey!! and i*m like dude nice car and stuff and it was so fucking weird to be doing 70 and look over and see someone you*ve known 11 years and then like to have a conversation with that person. i duno. i found it fuckin funny as hell… outta the billions of people driving, i pull up next to someone i*ve known practically my whole life, and 40 miles from home at that. lol.

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