sooo romantic

he is sooo perfect…
i drove out to bill*s right after school today. that*s where i am now. anyways. so i get to his house and his mom cooked dinner for us and he told me he had a surprise for me and i couldn*t possibly begin to imagine what it was… so he drove me to play pool which was soooo nice even though that wasn*t the surprise. haha we both sucked so much it took us literally half an hour to sink one ball. lol. anyways. we played for an hour and a half or so and then he took me to the “surprise” but we detoured along the way to take a romantic moonlight walk along the pier… it was so incredibly beautiful. just like him. so we hung out there for a while just enjoying the night and enjoying being with eachother and he picked me some flowers which i am drying right now so i can keep them forever. then on the way to the surprise again i stopped to put gas in my car which he insisted on driving and i bought him a rose from the gas station convenience center hahah he loved it though. and i*m glad it made him happy. he put it in a snapple bottle makeshift vase along with the dandelion lollipops i bought hi
m. anyway, back to the surprise. he took me to friendly*s cause we always go there and we split this ridiculously large ice cream sunday thing and basically the point of this whole post is I LOVE BILL SO MUCH!!!!!!!


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