he got me a pony.

wow i am on cloud frickin 9 right now. billy came over last night
which i said but he took me out to breakfast this morning. we went to
the diner and as we walked in there was one of those machines with that
claw that you win stuffed animals out of but are IMPOSSIBLE to win. and
there was a pony. and i said i want the pony so he took out a dollar and
tried twice and lost. he took out another dollar and lost twice more. so
we both decided to forget it and go eat. when we were leaving he walks
past the machine, stops, and puts his last fifty cents in. i so didn*t
think he*d win and the claw goes down and it gets the pony and it drops
a leg and he walks away thinking he*s lost and i keep looking and to my
absolute amazement it picked it up and he won me the pony! i have NEVER
seen anyone win on one of those machines but he did. and he won me a
pony. it was so exciting (i*m serious here…) i was//am sooooo happy.
then we went to utopia and i have been looking for a leather jacket
forever but because i*m so tiny i can never find one that fits me and
they had a bunch of new jackets in so i tried one on and omg it fit and
i was deciding whether or not i should buy it and so i ask this kid what
he thinks and he goes “well, it*s a dead animal…” and i*m like ‘yeah i
know but it*s allready dead. too late. nothing i can do now…’ and he*s
like “yeah in that case it looks awesome you should definitly buy it!”
woo. so i did. and i*m the happiest girl alive +ever+.
i ❤ bill.

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