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crazy fucking people.

October 31, 2001

i work with crazy fucking people. i hadda work on halloween but luckily it was me and leah and christine and melissa managing (melissa is one of my closest friends sisters. ha) and we all just went nuts opening all the costumes and running around the store dressed up. i was the cvs photo fairy i had wings and a halo and a black & silver sparkly black wig. of course there was nobody in the store so we took advantage of having a photo machine and took pictures and developed them and i*ll post them eventually cause some of them are really cracked out…. too bad me and bill didn*t get to go trick or treating tho =(


weekend update part 3

October 28, 2001

almost done kiddos.
so today me and bill woke up with somewhat icky hangovers and realised it was daylight savings time and we were late to bom*s house for practice cause bom*s band Assrammed played a show today with bill on drums, covering bill*s old band The Loiterers for halloween (the loiterers were one of the most loved//hated bands on long island…) so then we went to the show a little late and they played and bom wore a wig to look like the loiterer*s old guitarist jen and jen actually showed up and i took a picture of the two of them together cause he looked so much like her it was weird. frankie wore a thong in memory of singer Ian… Kurt tried his best to be Al… and bill, well, bill*s just bill =) i took tons of pictures those will also be posted on the pictures page of my website as soon as i get them developed. anyway while i was there PaulieAulie showed up. that*s the guy i*ve known for like 5 years and i never knew we were going out for like 3 of those years. haha. anyways, i hadn*t seen him in months and it was great to see him again. but then we hadda leave cause i hadda drive bill home because it was getting late and i still had to drive all the way back home. on the way to his house he made me pull over and tried to buy me a rose from the same gas station i bought his from but they didn*t have any so he made me go to walgreens so he could drop off film from this weekend and then he came out with a fabric “scented rose” saying how it*ll never die… i love him sooooooo much.

weekend update part 2

October 28, 2001

so saturday i hadda get up early for work cause were doing a promotional “photo shoot” (see pictures at end– i “dressed up” like a cheesy 80*s punk hahaha) and bill came with me but we had to buy “props” for it so i got paid to go with bill and my friend fred from work to this farm to buy a $40 freakishly abnormally large pumpkin and a bale of hay but they had a petting zoo so i wound up playing with a donkey and getting paid for it. rad. anyways, then we went to c-squat. ’nuff said. i drank a whole lot and got really smashed and eventually i was like “man i wanna sit down” so i sat on the stage and bill later told me i blacked//passed out for almost a half hour but i don*t remember it so i don*t really care. and uhh LoC had this box full of Ezra’s new band’s cds (they*re called Morning Glory) and i managed to grab one for me and one for bill cuase they were free and man MG is really fucking good. anyways. we got really drunk and it was really fun and i took some pictures i*ll eventually get them developed and i*ll post them on my site. then we came back to my place and didn*t get any slee
p cause bill has this weird new habit of falling asleep, then rolling over, waking me up, and sleep talking to me… i go back to sleep, he repeats the process all night. its cute, but i*m exhausted!!!
me and bill. how cute is the expression on his face!!
fred & me (the cvs s&m photo lab haha), my manager liz the pumpkin with eyes on her boobs, pharmacist neetha, and my friend christine...

weekend update part 1

October 28, 2001

friday night me and bill went to the most incredible haunted house ever (to everyone on long island… its at the firehouse in bayville) we waited outside for like 2 and a half hours but luckily we saw some friends of mine and we got to cut them in line otherwise it woulda been like 3 hours… but anyways, so this place was fucking incredible. $8 to get in, but i woulda paid 20. some little kid dressed up as a scaryperson was like walking around and kept coming up to bill while we were online so like the third time it came over me and my friends were like ‘hey bill give it a kiss!’ and the scaryguy started freaking out and shaking its head no and it ran away and it was fucking hysterical. anyways, the special effects were amazing. it went all through the basement of the firehouse and the special effects were hollywood quality. you couldn*t go more than single-file it was so narrow and dark and just really creepy. it wasn*t actually scary though, it was more suprising than anything. like, i*d see the people and laugh and then as i*d walk by they*d grab you from behind and i screamed like a little bitch a couple of
times just cause i wasn*t expecting it but it was just incredible. i can*t even begin to explain it. the costumes and makeup were so real. the special effects were incredible… and it was so great cause i was there with bill and he held my hand the whole time and that made it sooo much fun. it was really really great. i duno. i guess the only way to see what i mean is to actually go there yerself…
john, bill, me and christina with 'elvira' and two 'scary guys'

help (not advice this time, ha)

October 25, 2001

thanks to everyone who responded to my silly last post. but this time i need a different kind of help. this one is easy.
click here
and tell me whether you like the TOP image, or the BOTTOM image better for a splash image to version4.0 of my website (confused youth)
thanks in advance.


October 25, 2001

so i had a meeting with my guidance counselor today about what colleges i should apply to and i only looked at ones in ny//nj//pa so i could stay close to bill and stuff in case he can*t leave because of probation. but anyway. i haven*t even started applying to colleges yet. just narrowing down my choices. and all of a sudden the two of us are fighting because he doesn*t want a long distance relationship and if i go to college in pa//boston he doesn*t want to be with me and all of a sudden i*m left thinking how did this happen? i haven*t applied, nor have i been accepted, and we*re already talking about not being together because he doesn*t want to have me go off to school b/c he doesn*t want to come with me and give up his band. and i*m like, about to cry because i don*t want to lose him but i don*t want to limit myself to “only new york schools” because of his band. i*d do the long distance relationship thing. hell, i tried when he went to arkansas. it sucked like hell, but it was better than not being with him at all… i don*t know, i*m just really upset//angry right now. and i don*t know why.
all i know is i don*t want to lose him over something this stupid.

she cries.

October 24, 2001

my fish died today…
rip sushi.


October 23, 2001

I HATE nofx63477: some guy caught me jerking off in a pizza place like a week ago
I HATE nofx63477: it was so funny
I HATE nofx63477: he was FREAKED out
I HATE nofx63477: I laughed my ass off
I HATE nofx63477: I was wierded out though
Ainsley127: why the hell were you doing that
I HATE nofx63477: because it was a show and hte bands SUCKED
I HATE nofx63477: and I was way bored
I HATE nofx63477: so I was like hmm…….there is a bathroom, I will masturbate
Ainsley127: yer fuckin weird dude


October 23, 2001

ali and aaron are back together. woo.

is there a doctor in the house?

October 23, 2001

i just went and took pictures of my fish cause i wanna remember them if they die casue one looks kinda nothealthy… i*m really sad. ima bring him to the fish store tomorrow and make him all better again.