carnival fish and cowboy butts.

i just got home like half an hour ago from bill*s. this weekend was really really, uh, odd. friday night i drove out to patchogue after school at like 230 and picked up aaron and johnny and drove them to fucking brooklyn for their band*s (the toxin) show and stuff and we got lost but the show was okay until it got shut down by cops. that was crappy. cause bills band didn*t get to play so basically i drove like 150 miles outta my way for no reason but whatever, shit happens… anyway, bill came back to my place friday night and we snuggled and i love him and then saturday we spent the day sleepin and then my mom wakes me up and says she wants to go riding cause the weather was just so lovely so i made bill get his ass outta my bed and we went riding and he did soooo good. his little cowboy butt was made for a saddle. he didn*t go any faster than a trot but he loved it and he has a really good seat and was handling himself and the horse really well considering he was ridding a really witchy little horse… motown was his usual self, crazy as all hell. anyways. we came back home and had really good sex then we slept some mor
e and then we woke up at like 10pm and we went to this little half-assed carnival in my town and billy played those games and tried to win me stuff and he did. he won me two goldfish from the pingpong ball thingy and a giant stuffed snake. i love my fish they*re pretty and all they do is swim around this popcorn bowl i put them in all crazylike. haha. and then today i hadda drive him home and we had dinner with his family and watched chasing amy and and and…
i love bill. =D

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