weekend update part 1

friday night me and bill went to the most incredible haunted house ever (to everyone on long island… its at the firehouse in bayville) we waited outside for like 2 and a half hours but luckily we saw some friends of mine and we got to cut them in line otherwise it woulda been like 3 hours… but anyways, so this place was fucking incredible. $8 to get in, but i woulda paid 20. some little kid dressed up as a scaryperson was like walking around and kept coming up to bill while we were online so like the third time it came over me and my friends were like ‘hey bill give it a kiss!’ and the scaryguy started freaking out and shaking its head no and it ran away and it was fucking hysterical. anyways, the special effects were amazing. it went all through the basement of the firehouse and the special effects were hollywood quality. you couldn*t go more than single-file it was so narrow and dark and just really creepy. it wasn*t actually scary though, it was more suprising than anything. like, i*d see the people and laugh and then as i*d walk by they*d grab you from behind and i screamed like a little bitch a couple of
times just cause i wasn*t expecting it but it was just incredible. i can*t even begin to explain it. the costumes and makeup were so real. the special effects were incredible… and it was so great cause i was there with bill and he held my hand the whole time and that made it sooo much fun. it was really really great. i duno. i guess the only way to see what i mean is to actually go there yerself…
john, bill, me and christina with 'elvira' and two 'scary guys'

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