weekend update part 2

so saturday i hadda get up early for work cause were doing a promotional “photo shoot” (see pictures at end– i “dressed up” like a cheesy 80*s punk hahaha) and bill came with me but we had to buy “props” for it so i got paid to go with bill and my friend fred from work to this farm to buy a $40 freakishly abnormally large pumpkin and a bale of hay but they had a petting zoo so i wound up playing with a donkey and getting paid for it. rad. anyways, then we went to c-squat. ’nuff said. i drank a whole lot and got really smashed and eventually i was like “man i wanna sit down” so i sat on the stage and bill later told me i blacked//passed out for almost a half hour but i don*t remember it so i don*t really care. and uhh LoC had this box full of Ezra’s new band’s cds (they*re called Morning Glory) and i managed to grab one for me and one for bill cuase they were free and man MG is really fucking good. anyways. we got really drunk and it was really fun and i took some pictures i*ll eventually get them developed and i*ll post them on my site. then we came back to my place and didn*t get any slee
p cause bill has this weird new habit of falling asleep, then rolling over, waking me up, and sleep talking to me… i go back to sleep, he repeats the process all night. its cute, but i*m exhausted!!!
me and bill. how cute is the expression on his face!!
fred & me (the cvs s&m photo lab haha), my manager liz the pumpkin with eyes on her boobs, pharmacist neetha, and my friend christine...


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