weekend update part 3

almost done kiddos.
so today me and bill woke up with somewhat icky hangovers and realised it was daylight savings time and we were late to bom*s house for practice cause bom*s band Assrammed played a show today with bill on drums, covering bill*s old band The Loiterers for halloween (the loiterers were one of the most loved//hated bands on long island…) so then we went to the show a little late and they played and bom wore a wig to look like the loiterer*s old guitarist jen and jen actually showed up and i took a picture of the two of them together cause he looked so much like her it was weird. frankie wore a thong in memory of singer Ian… Kurt tried his best to be Al… and bill, well, bill*s just bill =) i took tons of pictures those will also be posted on the pictures page of my website as soon as i get them developed. anyway while i was there PaulieAulie showed up. that*s the guy i*ve known for like 5 years and i never knew we were going out for like 3 of those years. haha. anyways, i hadn*t seen him in months and it was great to see him again. but then we hadda leave cause i hadda drive bill home because it was getting late and i still had to drive all the way back home. on the way to his house he made me pull over and tried to buy me a rose from the same gas station i bought his from but they didn*t have any so he made me go to walgreens so he could drop off film from this weekend and then he came out with a fabric “scented rose” saying how it*ll never die… i love him sooooooo much.


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