yes, i am the world*s biggest wuss…

so in gym class today our teacher was absent, so we had the other one subbing. he*s the coolest gym teacher ever. anyway, last year our school got this awesome rock climbing wall installed in the gym. it*s not a real one it*s mad ghetto so don*t think i go to like a yuppie school or anything. but. whatever. so today we got to climb the wall. there are only 5 other kids in my gym class. all of them made it to the top of the wall. i*m soo petrified of heights but i figured i*d give it a shot anyway. so when you climb you have to take a sharpie with you and if you reach the top of the gym you can sign your name on the wall. well, i started climbing up the ladder to get onto the wall… and i got to the top of the ladder and freaked out because i got really really scared and i had a panic attack and signed my initials on the top of the LADDER and got my ass down asap.
better luck next time…

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