so bill just got here. i picked him up from the train station at 9pm and he tells me we*re going to myk*s house to hang out. well fine. he can. but i don*t want to. because whenever we go there we get in a horrible fight and he gets shitface drunk. not my idea of a fun night. plus the fact that bom used to be a good friend of mine and now that bill*s here, well, we barely even say hi to eachother, they*re all bestfuckingfriends and shit. to top it off bom*s girlfriend, my friend brittany, bill told her that i “resent” her or something because she hooked up with bill the night me and him met and i made it clear i liked him (back in february). i don*t care. i ❤ brit. but bill told her that and well now i just feel fucking uncomfortable around all of them. so whatever. i drove him there because if he didn*t go hang out with his friends he would have gotten pissy. i told him to call me when he needed a ride home which he will probably do around 2-3am if he even calls at all. like, i duno, it*s just fucking ridiculous that i never see my friends anymore because bill always wants to see “his” friends. i barel
y even have fucking friends anymore because i don*t see//talk to anyone other than bill. and the fact that he +hates+ all my friends really doesn*t help. he hates alana, my best friend of 10 years. lauren who i*ve known since kindergarten, chris valli who i used to go out and have such a great time with… the only friends of mine he actually likes are joi and lauren because when he met them they were drunk. it*s just fucking ridiculous. we hardly never do anything i want to do. we*re always with his friends. and he asks me why i don*t have fun and why i*m quiet. it*s because i don*t feel as fucking comfortable around them as he does. i don*t know. i*m just angry. it seems he always wants to hang out with me + someone else. i know it*s not true, but it hurts and i*m just mad. he wasn*t even here for an hour before he fucking makes me drive him to valley stream so he can go get fucking drunk off his ass with bom. give me a fucking break.

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