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cut short.

November 21, 2001

so bill came over tonight… we*re spending thanksgiving together. he came to my job and announced that we were going to merrick to hang out with little ian. well that would be just fine and dandy but i*m fucking tired as hell from work//school//college stuff. so we came home and i told him i didn*t wanna go cause i was too tired and we got into an arguement cause he felt bad about leaving me and i felt bad about making him stay. anyways, to make a long story short. he left. he took my car and my cell phone and said he*d be back around 2am… let*s see if that happens…


November 19, 2001

work is gay.

meteor showers and falling stars

November 18, 2001

last night bill and i were supposed to go to a party in merrick at the train station to watch the meteor shower but i got haven*t been feeling well the past could of weeks… i haven*t been eating at all, i*ve been getting really tired and i can*t sleep, and i get really lightheaded all the time… and it finally hit me last night and i got really sick and bill forced me to eat ramen becuase he doesn*t want me to get an eating disorder again… so we were gonna stay up and go watch the meteor shower by ourselved but we wound up falling asleep… at 4:10am i woke up outta nowhere and i was like “bill!” and he woke up and we went down to the water where he always takes me and we stood there until about 5:15am and we watched the meteor shower together and it was the most beautiful thing ever… so romantic… anyways, i thought it was absolutely lovely. but we both started feeling sick again so we went back home to sleep and at about 6am i was like “oh man i feel like i*m gonna puke” and i got up and ran to the bathroom and puked my fucking brains out. it was the ramen. oh well… but all in all it was awesome becau
se how often do you get to see dozens of meteors streaking across the sky at 4:30am with the guy you love more than life itself? yeah. that*s what i thought… 😉

from hell.

November 17, 2001

bill took me out to the movies and we saw from hell and he bought me popcorn.

aww yeah. proud to be infamous.

November 17, 2001

“The Horrible Affliction Test”
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i always said i*d marry the guy…

November 17, 2001

…who sang Punk Rock Girl to me.
last night me and bill and atom and cara and aaron and suzanne went to this karaoke bar and bill sang that song to me…. you know what that means 😉
and this morning when we woke up he was wearing thermal pants and he looked like a ballerina so i told him and he did a little piroette. haha he*s soooo cute!

wish me luck…

November 15, 2001

i just finished six college applications… my first choice being of course New York University… now i just have to wait for the acceptances to start rolling in… (ha)

i was afraid of this…

November 15, 2001
I am 69% EMO.

Emo Kid.
Well.. I’ve made the cut!
Now I’ll go buy some promise rings
and knit myself a sweater.
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November 14, 2001

so there*s this new girl at my job and she*s kinda, uh, stupid. but like, she*s not slow or anything, just really dumb. so my friend and my boss were up in the office and they called the store and the new girl answere and my friend jen was like “uh, hello. how many pills come in a 120 count box?” and the new girl was like “ainsley, how many come in a 120 count?” and i*m like “uh 120…” haha she*s so dumb…

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

November 12, 2001

okay so a couple months ago bill randomly started singing that “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine… you make me happy when skies are gray. you*ll never know dear, how much i love you. please don*t take my sunshine away” song to me and i started crying. my great grandmother used to sing that song to my nana, and my nana used to sing it to my mom. both of them sang it to me. i never told bill about that. ever. and out of nowhere he sang it to me. since then that has become our song. today he made me a copy of the screeching weasel cd where they cover it. they*re one of his favourite bands. i can*t stop listening to that song. it*s so strange how he sings that to me and i had never ever told him about it… but now i did and i duno, i just ❤ him.