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December 29, 2001

we went to the punk house today after about three days of sitting in bill*s room with him sitting online and they decided to play footbal with their christmas tree. using the tree as a “ball” needles to say it was, um, interesting…

aww yeah.

December 27, 2001

so i*m talking to my friend paulie who i adore and he works at a paintball place and i think me and bill are gonna go tomorrow. i*m so excited!

*she shivers*

December 27, 2001

i*m at bill*s. i*m cold. he*s at jonny*s for band practice. I*M FUCKING COLD!!!! someone talk to me…. bored… bored… bored…

punk rock crustmas

December 25, 2001

so… i got him a full, still ringed 6 pack of Billy Beer. he loved it. if you wanna see a picture, go to ebay and search for billy beer. he got me a pony that runs around the room (not real of course) and tons of other great stuff. the strange thing is, when we were opening each others stocking stuffers, we opened practically the same things at the same time. i got him a big pair of warm fuzzy socks which he opened at the exact same time i opened the horse socks he got me. we both opened our candy together. i opened the candles he got me while he opened the car air fresheners i got him for his car. weeeeiiiirrrdd.. but it was good. best crustmas ever.


two down, four to go.

December 25, 2001

i got accepted to my second choice school today.
Drexel University =D

aww yea.

December 24, 2001

me and bill made christmas cookies today and strung popcorn and put it on the tree. we are cheese and a half.


December 21, 2001

i forgot to mention…
january 13th
the Tune Inn in New Haven, CT
$8 advance tickets for more info

tetris tournaments and skinhead sing-a-longs…

December 21, 2001

so, um. school today was quite interesting. i walked into school around 930am and signed in just like i do every morning, and my friend attacked me and gave me a present cause she*s awesome. so that was cool. then, in my economics class the teacher was listening to like all shitty classical christmas songs and outta nowhere Oi to the World came on and i was like “ah this is gonna be a good day” so my next class, gym, only had three people (we usually have like 6 hahah) and we just sat around and i did nothing except study for my english test which was my following class. the test was suprisingly easy and this girl made cupcakes so i got a free lunch and that was good. next i had off and me and dan just hung out like always, nothing special, but my friend lizzy who graduated last year and her ex mikey showed up and it was really cool seein the both of them. then i had calculus and my teacher set up these two overhead projectors so that we could have a tetris tournament on the graphing calculators and it was so fuckin awesome. i beat him too. but during the class dan came in cause he had math nextdoor and he had the
cocksparrer cd i made for him with him and we listened to that all during class on the teacher’s stereo and mr. cascone liked it and wants me to burn him a copy. tetris tournamets and skinhead singalongs.. then i had computers and all i did was play javanoid instead of work and bill was online so i emailed him and he emailed me back and we talked for like a half an hour just emailin eachother (if anyone gets bored, email me at school then i had art and we played win loose or draw don*t ask why and they were really sick things… “gay” “woman in labor” “balls” etc.
what a weird day…

i*m going to college to get edumacated

December 20, 2001

i applied to six colleges. NYU, Drexel University (philly), NYIT, Stevens Institute of Technology (jersey), Polytechnic University (brooklyn), and Lock Haven University (pa).
today i got the first of my acceptance letters.
i was accepted to NYIT.

merry CRUSTmas!!!

December 19, 2001

hahaha my friend rob sent me this…
JensUKDvnt: i think jennie is burning me mp3’s for crustmas
CuffedAndGassed: hahaha crustmas?
JensUKDvnt: yeah crustmas is 12/25
CuffedAndGassed: WOA
CuffedAndGassed: no way… dude so is christmas… thats so wierd!
CuffedAndGassed: 🙂
JensUKDvnt: i mean come on… jospeh and mary, couple of travellers, unshaved, long dreaded hair, homeless, spanging outside a pub
JensUKDvnt: crustmas
CuffedAndGassed: …
CuffedAndGassed: oh my i never looked at it that way
JensUKDvnt: haha
CuffedAndGassed: wow im gonna go make crustmas cards now
JensUKDvnt: baby gee sus was an anarchopunk
JensUKDvnt: got betrayed by judas the drunk punk
CuffedAndGassed: you could prooly re write the whole bible that way if you were that bored haha
CuffedAndGassed: hahaha
thats awesome
JensUKDvnt: hahaha
CuffedAndGassed: 🙂
JensUKDvnt: st peter and the test tube apostles
CuffedAndGassed: oh god man
JensUKDvnt: “banned from the temple”
JensUKDvnt: and all those miracles …. turning water into 40’s of OE
CuffedAndGassed: i know
CuffedAndGassed: who are they tryin to fool?!
JensUKDvnt: feedinbg the 5,000 … food not bombs
JensUKDvnt: turning over the money lenders … its the wto protests of its day
JensUKDvnt: walking on water …..
JensUKDvnt: oh no jake casualty only thinks he can walk on water
CuffedAndGassed: lol
JensUKDvnt: and that shit about pulling the thron out of the lions paw …. ALF!
JensUKDvnt: thorn*
JensUKDvnt: yep its all about crustmas!
JensUKDvnt: deck the vests with studs and patches … fa la la la la la la la
CuffedAndGassed: shut up man!!! you GOTTA write that shit down!
JensUKDvnt: hahaha
JensUKDvnt: i only extemporate 🙂
CuffedAndGassed: th
ats some funny shit tho man
JensUKDvnt: hark the herald angelic upstarts sing
JensUKDvnt: and stry spelling casualties without C L A U S
JensUKDvnt: see? theyve lost the true meaning of crustmas