merry CRUSTmas!!!

hahaha my friend rob sent me this…
JensUKDvnt: i think jennie is burning me mp3’s for crustmas
CuffedAndGassed: hahaha crustmas?
JensUKDvnt: yeah crustmas is 12/25
CuffedAndGassed: WOA
CuffedAndGassed: no way… dude so is christmas… thats so wierd!
CuffedAndGassed: 🙂
JensUKDvnt: i mean come on… jospeh and mary, couple of travellers, unshaved, long dreaded hair, homeless, spanging outside a pub
JensUKDvnt: crustmas
CuffedAndGassed: …
CuffedAndGassed: oh my i never looked at it that way
JensUKDvnt: haha
CuffedAndGassed: wow im gonna go make crustmas cards now
JensUKDvnt: baby gee sus was an anarchopunk
JensUKDvnt: got betrayed by judas the drunk punk
CuffedAndGassed: you could prooly re write the whole bible that way if you were that bored haha
CuffedAndGassed: hahaha
thats awesome
JensUKDvnt: hahaha
CuffedAndGassed: 🙂
JensUKDvnt: st peter and the test tube apostles
CuffedAndGassed: oh god man
JensUKDvnt: “banned from the temple”
JensUKDvnt: and all those miracles …. turning water into 40’s of OE
CuffedAndGassed: i know
CuffedAndGassed: who are they tryin to fool?!
JensUKDvnt: feedinbg the 5,000 … food not bombs
JensUKDvnt: turning over the money lenders … its the wto protests of its day
JensUKDvnt: walking on water …..
JensUKDvnt: oh no jake casualty only thinks he can walk on water
CuffedAndGassed: lol
JensUKDvnt: and that shit about pulling the thron out of the lions paw …. ALF!
JensUKDvnt: thorn*
JensUKDvnt: yep its all about crustmas!
JensUKDvnt: deck the vests with studs and patches … fa la la la la la la la
CuffedAndGassed: shut up man!!! you GOTTA write that shit down!
JensUKDvnt: hahaha
JensUKDvnt: i only extemporate 🙂
CuffedAndGassed: th
ats some funny shit tho man
JensUKDvnt: hark the herald angelic upstarts sing
JensUKDvnt: and stry spelling casualties without C L A U S
JensUKDvnt: see? theyve lost the true meaning of crustmas

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