tetris tournaments and skinhead sing-a-longs…

so, um. school today was quite interesting. i walked into school around 930am and signed in just like i do every morning, and my friend liz-be.an attacked me and gave me a present cause she*s awesome. so that was cool. then, in my economics class the teacher was listening to like all shitty classical christmas songs and outta nowhere Oi to the World came on and i was like “ah this is gonna be a good day” so my next class, gym, only had three people (we usually have like 6 hahah) and we just sat around and i did nothing except study for my english test which was my following class. the test was suprisingly easy and this girl made cupcakes so i got a free lunch and that was good. next i had off and me and dan just hung out like always, nothing special, but my friend lizzy who graduated last year and her ex mikey showed up and it was really cool seein the both of them. then i had calculus and my teacher set up these two overhead projectors so that we could have a tetris tournament on the graphing calculators and it was so fuckin awesome. i beat him too. but during the class dan came in cause he had math nextdoor and he had the
cocksparrer cd i made for him with him and we listened to that all during class on the teacher’s stereo and mr. cascone liked it and wants me to burn him a copy. tetris tournamets and skinhead singalongs.. then i had computers and all i did was play javanoid instead of work and bill was online so i emailed him and he emailed me back and we talked for like a half an hour just emailin eachother (if anyone gets bored, email me at school ahyman@lynbrook.k12.ny.us) then i had art and we played win loose or draw don*t ask why and they were really sick things… “gay” “woman in labor” “balls” etc.
what a weird day…

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