long weekend…

i don*t feel like typing it all because it*s way to much to get into let alone think about. whatever. friday me and bill got into this huge fucking fight, worst one ever, and i went to go see his new band ottentodder or however you spell it 15 minutes from my house but becasue i got bad directions from like 5 different people it took me over an hour and a half of getting lost beyond belief to get there at 1:30am. then we came back here and had an even worse fight and almost broke up (actually, i think we did break up for like 5 minutes or something…) and it was the scariest thing i*ve ever had come into contact with. losing the one person you care more about than fucking anything. but we*re good now. and saturday uhh we slept late for once then went to the collective meeting and lenny beat me at rock paper scissors so she gets to facilitate with conor at the next meeting. damn. then me and bill and aaron drove into the city so they and the doxies could practice at the funkadelic and somehow we got lost in bellview and it was odd. bill broke his muffler or manifold or something with all the shitty roads in the city. anyway. so sunday nothing much we just kinda did errands and whatnot. nothing exciting. uh.. lemme think… anything else? nope.

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