i woke up this morning unable to move. right now i am in fucking excruciating pain. indescribable. four years ago a horse stepped on my spine (only 1/4 of the whole accident though) and since then i have had like the world*s worst back. good days and bad. it comes and it goes. but today is the worst it*s been in four years. and i can*t fucking move. i*m all out of pain killers and i*m like crying because it just feels like someone is punching me in the back as hard as they can while stabbing me with a knife every single time i move, and sometimes when i don*t…. i just want my back to stop hurting =( i wanna go lie down in the fetal position and cry and watch tv and go to sleep. anyway. so bill said he*d call last night and he never did but he does that occasionally so i*m not too worried. i*m supposed to go out there tonight after work but i duno if that*s gonna happen cause i gotta get in touch with him somehow. speaking of, i*m gonna go to work early and see if i can beg some pain killers from the pharmacy… grrr….

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