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oh yeah.

January 22, 2002

bill stayed over last night. i was at his house all weekend and we both had work yesterday so i planned on driving him there cause his car is in the shop and then driving home and going to work myself. well, on the way to his job we kinda got, uh, er, sidetracked in the middle of this field on the side of the road. consequently he was late for work so i stole him and brought him back home with. lucky me. hey mom look what i found! can we keep him?? anyway. i remember waking up during the night and for some reason feeling the tremendous urge to make sure he was there. i don*t remember any of it. but he said i woke up and kept saying his name until he responded. bill. bill? BILL!! i don*t know why and i can*t remember why i did that. weird. whatever. i just absolutely love waking up and looking over and seeing his gorgeous face next to me. i wish i could have that forever. on another note. i had my economics final today. that means only two more marking periods before i am fucking out of high school… forever *insert evil laugh here*

and two more go…

January 22, 2002

sparky, my retarded fish, died today. for the past couple days he hadn*t been looking to healthy and after a day of being isolated in a fishbowl so he didn*t get the others sick, he passed away… jaws, my little tiny white fish, also died today…
bye little guys.

three down, three to go

January 21, 2002

i got accepted to Lock Haven University today. that leaves just NYU, Stevens I Tech, and Polytech yet to send me acceptances.


January 19, 2002

me and bill woke up early this morning much to my dismay cause i wanted to sleep and we drove out here to patchogue which is where i am now and we did food not bombs and it snowed and the snow is so pritty and i wanna go outside and make snow angels with him. *smiles*

i don*t hate him anymore.

January 16, 2002

like four or five years ago i knew this kid named jamie and he was mean to me and i hated him. i hold grudges and a half. everyone knew i hated jamie. i hated him almost as much as i hate ren (and that*s a lot) but it was only cause he was mean to me. well i just got off the phone with bill who is over at the punk house and jamie is there and bill relayed a conversation between the two of us and he said he was only mean to me because he was full of angst and a lot of people were being mean to him and then he hated me cause i hated him and he holds grudges too and after a lot of bill playing the middle man me and jamie came to the conclusion that we don*t hate eachother anymore and that we really had no reason to in the first place. hahah. five years later we finally figured this out… weird…


January 16, 2002

i was just superglueing the leg of this awesome dragon sculpture i made a couple years back and i accidentally glued my fingers together… anyone know how to unstick myself?? what gets superglue off???

tcby mikey

January 16, 2002

me and dan went out today during sixth like always and i hadda move my car to avoid getting a ticket and then we went looking for john and we found him in the back of the school and tcby mikey was there (everyone from here should know who he is) and he had this little tiny baby iguana no more than six inches long. i was really upset cuase they need to be warm and he was just carrying it around with him in the middle of +winter+ and i freaked out and grabbed it and was playing with it and cuddling it and keeping it warm. i miss my iguana being that little. shes like 5 feet long now… i want a new baby iguana to play with and snuggle with when bill*s not here… speaking of bill… i miss him…

new additions to the family.

January 15, 2002

i got three new fish this weekend two. a big black one with bug eyes and two tails who just sits on the bottom of the tank and does nothing (i think he*s slightly retarded…) so i named him Sparky. a white one with a red bubbly-thing on his head who i appropriately named Bubbles, and a reeeeeallly tine little solid white one who is probably only 3/4 of an inch in lengh who i named Jaws. i ❤ my fish.

P for punk, the action not the music. I for intelligence, we*re not afraid to use it. S for strength, to stand up and resist. T for thousands of people feeling P-I-S-T!!

January 15, 2002

yes that*s right. i saw the pist. and you (probably) didn*t. hahaha! it was +incredible+. it started by bill staying at my house saturday night, which in itself is pretty damn great. sunday morning we woke up, and paul came over, and we got bagels and hit the road. bill was navigating and got us lost somewhere in brooklyn or the bronx or i don*t remember. anyway. it took us about two hours to get to connecticut (which i must say, totally sucks… they don*t fucking sell alcohol on sundays. wtf???) and we get to the hotel and our room wasn*t ready so we sat and had a cigarette and paulie broke a chair cause he*s fucking fat. heh. the hotel was so incredible… we like ran around exploring until our room was ready and once it was we went and changed and me and bill went swimming. the place was cheap compared to everywhere else, $90 for one night, three people, two queen sized beds, a huge pool and a hottub literally the size of the downstairs of my house. +gasp+ it was neat. so then we went back to the room and me and bill showered (i love it when he*s clean. he smells so yummy.) and then we
went out to walk to the tune inn which was only about three blocks away and we went walking around to see if we knew anyone… outta nowhere eric appears (well, he appeared outta dunkin donuts actually…) and he had me and bill*s tickets (eric thank you so much!!!!!!) and he magically produced an extra one for paul, who hadn*t bought a ticket and the show was sold eric. eric man, if you read this, you*re a fucking life saver stockboy… anyway. the show. the first band kinda sucked. whatever. then broken played and they played a really good set. then the unseen. same shit as always. kill your idols was awesome just like always. there was this awesome guy greg bennick doing spoken word and this crazy juggling act. he was incredible. and then, dun dun dun… the PIST. oh damn is all i have to say. they played all the good songs. black & blue collar, great american sportsman… streetpunks… and they ended with song for you. it was pretty amazing to say the least. i can*t put it into words. one of those things where you had to be there… anyway. after the show we stopped to get coffee before we went back to the hotel and paulie was outside talkin to this girl mackin it to her and like, i duno, i*d always wanted to do it so i ran outside and like screamed in his face “what the fuck, you cheatin on me bitch??” it was soo funny cause the girl like thought i was gonna kick her ass and then i was just
like “hi, i*m ainsley, nice to meet you. this isn*t my boyfriend. mine*s over there. i was just fuckin around. so, where you from?” and it was just pretty funny. paul got pissed of course, but he has a girlfriend who he loves very much, so, whatever. he*s a good kid. then we went back to the hotel and me and bill showered again and we ordered two pizzas and killed them both… nice. waking up was pretty rad too. for once me and bill weren*t all smushed in a little bed, even though we snuggled all night, it was nice to be able to stretch out in a queen. we woke up and watched some maury and jerry springer and got up and checked out. we met some cool people along the way, just local residents, everyone was +so+ nice. eric or was it his friend mark or dana that explained to me that it*s just because connecticut sucks so much the people get happy when people come to visit. hahah. beliveable. anyway. we drove back to long island… i was exhausted but that good kinda exhausted… paulie left his car at my house and he had to get to work so he left. me and bill made some food then drove back to patchogue. once we got there however, he realised he left his ambien*s at my house and he needed them because he was starting work the next day (today) and needed to sleep. so i wound up having to drive alllll the way back to lynbrook to pick up his shit, drive him back to patchogue, then i had to drive myself back home. bu
t it was cool. cause i got to spend time with him. i just had so much fun this weekend. it was awesome. and getting to see eric was good too, cause i miss that kid. and bill actually gets along with him. suprise suprise. heh. and what*s even cooler is my mom wrote me a note to school saying i was absent because i was “visiting a college” hahah and i told work that too so i had the day off. i duno. i guess the point of this post is… much like all my other posts… i had an awesome weekend + i love bill.

just for the fuck of it… i haven*t done one of these yet, so why not..

January 14, 2002

[[ Name ]] – ainsley
[[ Nicknames, including from family ]] – ains, lily, sunshine
[[ Birthday ]] – 04.17.84
[[ Age ]] – 17
[[ Astrological sign? ]] – aries
[[ Chinese zodiac sign? ]] – rat
[[ Location ]] – lynbrook, new yawk
[[ Sexual Preference ]] – i ❤ billy beer
[[ Marital Status ]] – so very in love with the above mentioned boy since 5.5.01
[[ Current Haircolor ]] – black
[[ Eyecolor… W/ & W/O contacts ]] – no contacts… they change daily depending on my mood//theweather//etc… blue, green, purple…
[[ Height ]] – 5′ 2″
[[ Weight ]] – 105 lbs
[[ Parents still together? ]] – yes sadly
[[ Syblings? ]] – one brother, one brother-type. that makes 1.5 or 2… you decide
[[ Nieces/Nephews? ]] – nah
[[ Kids of your own? ]] – not that i know of. hah.
[[ Grandkids? ]] – nope. thank god.
[[ Pets? ]] – spike my iguana, snake my snake, and my 10 goldfish
[[ In school/graduated? ]] – graduating…
[[ Rent, lease, or own your home? ]] – parents are supporting my ass for now, then i*m off to college
[[ What do you do for work? ]] – i do one hour photo at cvs
[[ How much do you make? ]] – not enough (6.50)
[[ Have any credit cards? ]] – nope, just a debit
[[ AmEx? ]] – nah
[[ Can I use em for a few days? ]] – sure.
[[ What do you drive? ]] – ’93 infiniti g20… my second love (after bill of course)
[[ Black and White/Color ]] – b&w
[[ Black/White ]] – black
[[ Red/Blue ]] – blue
[[ Dogs/Cats ]] – horses
[[ Roses/Daisies ]] – roses
[[ Beer/Liquor ]] – beer
[[ Boxers/Briefs *wink* ]] – as long as they wind up on the floor… jk
[[ Hair: Short/Long ]] – mohawk
[[ Boots/Shoes ]] – boots
[[ Food: Mexican/Italian ]] – ramen
[[ Dark/Light ]] – dark
[[ Day/Night ]] – night
[[ City/Country ]] – city
[[ Sheets: Solid/Animal Prints *rawr* ]] – animal prints all the way
[[ Sub/Dom ]] – wtf?
[[ Color ]] – pink. anything sparkly…
[[ Animal ]] – horse.
[[ Vehicle ]] – mine… but i want a 2001 G20t
B Flower ]] – lily of the valley
[[ Beer ]] – steel reserve
[[ Liquor ]] – nah i don*t like liquor
[[ Soda ]] – don*t drink soda… gives you cancer…
[[ Food ]] – strawberries
[[ Book ]] – smack by melvin burgess
[[ Author ]] – duno
[[ Band ]] – defiance, a//political, thulsa doom, cocksparrer…
[[ CD ]] – the punk rock love//xmas comp bill made me
[[ Song ]] – screeching weasel’s cover of you are my sunshine, and the ramones cover of baby i love you
[[ Movie ]] – too many to name
[[ Director ]] – uh…
[[ Country ]] – not this one
[[ State ]] – i know which i hate the most… that would be new jersey. nuke jersey!
[[ City ]] – i would say nyc but lately ive come to hate it, so prolly philly
[[ School Subject ]] – art & computers
[[ Movie genre ]] – comedy.
[[ Extracurricular Activity ]] – horseback riding
Do you…
[[ Color your hair? ]] – yea
[[ Have tattoos? ]] – not yet (coming soon)
[[ Piercings? ]] – yes… lip, bellybutton, my eyebrow i had done twice but both fell out, my ears are stretched to 4s…
[[ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ]] – yes. i love my boyfriend more than anything
[[ Floss daily? ]] – nah
A[[ Own a webcam? ]] – nope
[[ Ever get off the damn computer? ]] – yeah cause bill*s always on so i can*t get on
[[ Sprechen Sie Deutcsh? ]] – kinda
[[ Hablar Espanol? ]] – non, je parle francais
[[ Quack? Quack quack? ]] – uh, sure///
Have you…
[[ Gotten a speeding ticket? ]] – not yet.. .try and catch me fucking pigs! ha.
[[ How fast? ]] – i cruise at 90… no tickets yet tho.
[[ DUI? ]] – nope
[[ Been in a wreck? ]] – not in my car…
[[ Been arrested? ]] – nah
[[ Stolen a car? ]] – nope. damn my life sucks
[[ Stolen anything? ]] – yeah all the time
[[ Smoke? ]] – sometimes
[[ Pot? ]] – on occasion, as long as i*m not payin
[[ Crack? ]] – nah
[[ Drink? ]] – sure
[[ Been so drunk you couldn’t remember your name? ]] – oh yes.
[[ Been so drunk you didn’t care that you couldn’t remember your name? ]] – haha you bet.
[[ Posed for nude pics? ]] – yes… bill has them….
[[ Considered a life of crime? ]] – who hasn*t?
[[ Considered being a hooker? ]] – nah.
[[ Maybe a pimp? ]] – maybe 😉
[[ Cheated on someone? ]] – just mat. i cheated on him with bill. but that was th
e one and last time.
[[ Been married? ]] – not yet
[[ Been divorced? ]] – not i.
Are you psycho?
[[ Split personalities? ]] – who me? or me?
[[ Schizophrenic? ]] – not that i*m aware of
[[ Obsessive? ]] – yea. up the OCD
[[ Compulsive? ]] – sometimes
[[ Obsessive Compulsive? ]] – you bet
[[ Panic? ]] – on occasion
[[ Anxiety? ]] – you bet
[[ Depressed? ]] – clinically
[[ Suicidal? ]] – not anymore…
[[ Homicidal? ]] – only if you piss me off
[[ Genocidal? ]] – sound sfun.
[[ Pedophile? *sick fawkr* ]] – ugh no. but bills car looks like a child molestor car
[[ Obsessed with hate? ]] – no.
[[ Mutilate animals? ]] – never,
[[ Idolize infamous criminals? ]] – nah.
[[ Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? ]] – not recently.
[[ Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? ]] – dont think so
The good stuff…
[[ Had sex outdoors? ]] – yep.
Right now…
[[ What are you listening to? ]] – actually nothing… i saw the pist last night if that counts
[[ What are you watching? ]] – me typing this
[[ What time is it? ]] – 10:49pm
What are you wearing? ]] – my black pants with patches, a black laceup shirt, and a zipup sweater
[[ Wanna cyber? *wink* ]] – not with you.
[[ Hey baby, nice shoes… ]] – hey baby, like the ramones? you wanna make out?
[[ What’re you drinking? ]] – watah.
[[ Eating? ]] – nothing. bill makes me eat so much i*m never hungry..
[[ Got both hands on the keyboard? ]] – you bet. home row baby.
[[ You sure bout that? ]] – yes. i*m a nerd and a half
[[ Who are you talkin to? ]] – manny, he*s gonna give me stuff to hook up my car. rob just im*ed me, i was talkin to mark and dan a minute ago but i duno what happened to them
[[ What other windows do you have open? ]] – this…
[[ How bored are you? haha ]] – painfully.
If you could…
[[ Be anywhere, where would you be? ]] – with bill.
[[ Who would you be with? ]] – bill.
[[ What would you be doin? ]] – bill. heh.