…and this is dain. he*s from dainmark. dammit i mean denmark! hahah. NO

i don*t know… i was talkin to dain online after bill ditched me and he was really upset so at like 1am i left to go get him and we went and got nikole and this girl kimmy (haha aaron this girl says she dated you when you guys were 14… wtf??) and we went to hang out for a while. the only place open was of course the brew (boo!) so we went and i ❤ nikole that girl is fucking nuts. funny how like a couple years ago me her joi diana and lauren were inseperable… and now out of all of them nikole is the only one who stood by my side through all the bullshit. and i love her indefinitly for that. but whatever. so we went to the brew and there were some funny old guys who were talkin to us and this rad black kid he was so cool. so they closed at 2 and we just drove around a bit then dropped off nikole and kim and me and dain went to the diner and that was about it. it*s 3:30am i just got home. i*m gonna go call gary.
oh yeah. cvs has this thing, every $25 you spend they keep track and send you $1 back in coupons good on +anything+ in the store. i got $16. so i have $16 worth of free +
anything+ and i have no idea what to spend it on cause i usually just steal everything anyway. haha. oh yeah, just to cover my butt, i +didn*t+ just write that… but anyone have suggestions as to what i waste this free money on??

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