so i*m watching animal planet because i have nothing better to do with my time right now and then i remembered that there is this +awesome+ zoo i drove by when i went to philly monday and then i got really sad because like, i don*t know, there were so many things that i wanted to do with bill and he just didn*t care. i wanted to go to tiny town and take pictures of the midgets, i wanted to take him horseback riding… and well if we were still together i would have wanted to go to that zoo in philly together when we get down there, but i know he wouldn*t because he*s changed how he thinks so much lately, he*d probably be like “no i don*t want to go because of how they treat the animals” first off you don*t know what they do and what they don*t do, you don*t work there. second off, fucking lighten up for a minute and have some fucking fun. and it made me sad b/c i know that he would never ever go there with me or do anything else because it*s not “pc” enough. i want someone who i can go and do fun things with =(

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