i just got home from the mall *shudders*
i had to go buy new pants b/c bill kinda tore up my favorite ones. *pout*
(in his defense it was an accident, he was drunk and rubbing the top from a beer bottle up and down my leg and my pants just kinda deteriorated)
i got this really rad emo sweater on clearance for like $5 and a pair of pink zebra socks. i also got two new books cause i haven*t read anything half decent in a while.
eh what else. i*m gonna go to the show saturday at chunky*s because a lot of people i haven*t seen in ages are goin and it should be a lot of fun. bill*s band isn*t playing anymore so i*m definite he won*t be there.
still haven*t spoken to him since last friday. not that i care or anything. hah.

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