healing process.

it*s been one month exactly since we broke up.
and there is zero chance of getting back together. this was his decision at first, and now it*s my strength.
one week after we broke up i took everything that he had given me, that was his, or that reminded me of him out of my room and put it somewhere that i wouldn*t ever have to see it again.
the week after that i had my comforter that smelled like him dry cleaned three times (it was +really+ dirty)
last week we had that huge fight that is chronicled a several posts ago and made me so incredibly hostile and angry.
and this week, one month to the day since we broke up, i don*t give a shit anymore. i can*t allow myself to let him hurt me, so i*ve given up completely on us as anything, even friends. and as more time goes on, i*m really starting to like//respect him less and less.
so i*m gonna go out tonight and mack it.
sorry if that pisses you off bill, but i gave you every single opportunity i could for you to not have that happen. and you blew me off. so time to try something new. like
i said, sorry if that hurts you, but if you*re not happy with it then do something about it to change it.
and so if bill*s not gonna be nice to me and make me feel special anymore like he used to, i*m going to find someone who will, because i sure as fuck deserve it.

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