five finger discount.

it all started with a pillow…
i got this awesome pink fabric and so i made a pillow today but then i realized i didn*t have anything to stuff it with. so i went to target and they didn*t have anything. so then i went to k-mart.
i wow. i love k-mart. the one by my house is going out of business so i went there today.
everything is discounted and a half.
of course they had no stuffing for my pillow, but i wound up getting these two awesome fuzzy photo albums, one*s leopard and one*s zebra, and a $40 camera bag for $12. score.
then i went to work and picked up my check and i went with fred to see his mom at H&R Block and she did my taxes for me and
I AM GETTING $300!!!
woo. go refunds. rock.
so then me and fred went back to k-mart and i wound up buying this canon camera for like $70 that was origionally $100+ b/c well i just felt like it. hah. and i got a big stuffed unicorn for $3. then back to cvs. more free stuff there… stole a battery for my new camera, picked up some films, and finally spent those free $16 on stuff i will never use.
all in all, great fucking day. and it*s only half over.

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