RaGEJaY: ha i hate ya!
Ainsley127: i*ll kill ya!
Ainsley127: hahaha fuck off and die
RaGEJaY: muhaha
Ainsley127: hahah yep.
RaGEJaY: ok good shit
RaGEJaY: ahhh yer the best
Ainsley127: xoxo see ya at c-squat gay
RaGEJaY: ha way to be dykish
Ainsley127: uh no
RaGEJaY: way to suck
RaGEJaY: muhahaha
Ainsley127: oh i love you.
RaGEJaY: i’ll seeya in 2 hours ya faggottttt
RaGEJaY: well thats funny, i hate you
Ainsley127: haha okay, dont die on the way
RaGEJaY: ha don’t get shot
Ainsley127: dont fall on a dick and suck it
RaGEJaY: too late
RaGEJaY: ew that was my dads
hahahahahah jay you*re so gay!!

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