perfect end to a perfect day.

i forgot to mention before…
bike riding around k-mart and trying to outrun (on a bike nontheness) the people that work there fucking rules.
so. just got home. 3am. good day. went to the brew like usual. fred came tonight. hehe. dain and christina and john and nikole and whatnot. berger showed up good to see him. that guy mike was there like always, he asked for my number. score. go me. i*m so shexy. all in all it wasn*t the best brew night but it was still cool like always. afterwards me and dainish went back to nikole*s to chill and watch movies and shits. xtian came over at like midnight or somethin. he proceeded to kick both mine and her asses. i forgot how much fun playfighting was. whoo. workout. we wound up sitting around doing nothing and watching movies which ironically all had sandra bullock in them. odd… then some webcam fun. i*m so gonna get a webcam with my tax refund money. eh. what else. xtian gave me a KILLER backrub. i was dying
in so much pain all day and he totally made me feel better. a word of advice– nikole, don*t let him be the one that got away… anyway. good times to be had as usual. what a fucking great day. and c-squat tomorrow should only make this weekend even better.


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