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to my best friend, my sister, my gems…

April 30, 2002

sorry for the sudden outburst of emo, but…
all my life i*ve always had a bunch of friends, and a couple close friends. however, i never had someone i could truely call my “bestfriend”. never had someone i knew i could count on unconditionally 110%, someone i could call at 3am and know they*d be there for me in .5 seconds. i always saw my other friends off with their almostsisters, someone they shared everything with, had the same interests, thought the same, acted the same, talked the same, hell even looked similar. someone with who they could have endless amounts of fun even while doing absofuckinglutely nothing. i never had any of that. until i met you. nikole i just wanted to let you know i fucking love you more than words could ever say. you are the without a doubt the most talented, caring, beautiful (inside and out) smart and funniest fucking girl i have ever met. and i am honored to have you in my life.
all in all – kole i love you with all my heart.
lily&gems keepin it gangsta.
we are unstoppable.


kole quotes

April 30, 2002

“yo nigga you got boof?”
“nikole, why are you drawing penis’ on the math books?”
“uh, cause i was thinking about penis”
haha i love you girly.

hmm.. noises from above

April 30, 2002

my mom is cleaning out the attic b/c we*re moving… and every two seconds she screams either b/c there*s a bug or she found something from when i was a baby. it*s funny.

these drugs really got a hold of me…

April 29, 2002

i LOVE having nikole at work with me. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
haha lou got pissed that some guy kissed me at the show saturday… wtf? he*s a pimp, he does he care.
goin out to see mikey now… peace.

April 28, 2002

…he called me duchess.
haha xoxo phil.

why am i always the last to know??

April 28, 2002

so i*m talking to shawn… known the kid for years. i had the hugest crush on him when i first met him. and i just found out, he liked me too. “you should have kissed me!” damnit how was i supposed to know he liked me back?? and come august i*m moving to philly and him to boston. sucks. b/c he*s a genuinely nice guy, the type of guy i could see myself with longterm. but that*s probably not gonna happen now since i was the last to know he liked me too… oh well.

i completely forgot to mention…

April 27, 2002

on the way out to sound beach tonight me and kole, like always, met a guy while driving. haha.
i get onto the lie and about a quarter mile up the road i see a hooked up honda *swoon* with altezza lights. meaning=almost definitly a cool guy driving. so i caught up to him to check him out and lo and behold i was right. we made eye contact, said a little hello, and then for the next 10 -12 exits it was an all out race and fucking speeding game of Tag. and it was funnn. so like the guy wasn*t gorgeous or anything but he was cute and had a cool car and like he rolls down the window and pulls up next to me and waves his phone numbah at me and nikole like literally hung herself out of the car while we*re doing 80 to grab it. kole i love you. and he motioned for me to call him on the cell so i did and his name is frank and he works for an auto place hooking up cars and stuff and we talked a bit and he was really nice and he*s gonna call me tomorra b/c he wants to chill.
as always, crazy fucking adventures with my favorite partner in crime.
go speedracer go…

anger like whoa

April 27, 2002

i hate suffolk more and more with each passing day.
die suffolk die.

haha i win fuckers.

April 26, 2002

so i went to the police station to get a “certificate of correction” so that i can get the ticket dismissed.
the cops are so fucking dumb…
after about an hour of fiddling with wires last night tj listened to my advice and looked for a fuse. and oh, there it was. simple as cake.
so i went to the police station, yanked out the fuse, hid the wire, and demonstrated how my illigal lights do NOT work anymore 😉
certificate granted.
i left, put the fuse back in place, and i*m back just like i was before.
they didn*t even look to see if i had a toggle, or a killswitch, or had cut the wires. nothing. they just made sure when i have my headlights on that the bluelights didn*t go on. hell they didn*t even do that in the first place, i had to turn them on manually with a switch. idiots…
haha fuckers you will never beat me.


April 25, 2002

so i*m on my way home from work. i live like five blocks from there. and i have my nigga lights on b/c well, i did. and i swear to god, on the fucking CORNER of the street i live, i got pulled over by a fucking cop. right in front of my house. i*m like dude. wtf. he ticketd me for my lights. and i*m sooo angry b/c i have a killswitch so i can turn them on//off whenever i see a cop and i was just too lazy this time b/c i figured i was at my street already it*s no big deal… anyway. i have 24 hours to “disable” them and they*ll dismiss the ticket…
tj is on his way over right now to do so.
no ticket for my ass of tomorra when i go to the precinct. haha fuck you cops, thought you got me but you didn*t!!! and after the ticket is dismissed, guess what*s getting re-hooked up? yes, my lights.
they ain*t gonna take me down.
no way.