so i*m on my way home from work. i live like five blocks from there. and i have my nigga lights on b/c well, i did. and i swear to god, on the fucking CORNER of the street i live, i got pulled over by a fucking cop. right in front of my house. i*m like dude. wtf. he ticketd me for my lights. and i*m sooo angry b/c i have a killswitch so i can turn them on//off whenever i see a cop and i was just too lazy this time b/c i figured i was at my street already it*s no big deal… anyway. i have 24 hours to “disable” them and they*ll dismiss the ticket…
tj is on his way over right now to do so.
no ticket for my ass of tomorra when i go to the precinct. haha fuck you cops, thought you got me but you didn*t!!! and after the ticket is dismissed, guess what*s getting re-hooked up? yes, my lights.
they ain*t gonna take me down.
no way.


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